Realistic asking price

Set a realistic asking price based on the valuation given by your agent. If your price is too high potential buyers will not come and view it and if they do, they will always find better value at correctly priced property – simply because they do their homework properly. Pricing is the most important factor to keep in mind when starting with your marketing – never let your property become a “measure stick” against which other properties will be sold for offering better value! Let your property compete on an even field – otherwise it will be stigmatized and will never reach a buyer’s short list.

Keep it Tidy

Keep your home clean and clutter free – and that includes the garden. It may seem like a chore but a tidy home and outdoor space will make a good impression on buyers. An untidy garden almost always creates an impression of “something is wrong” – and in most of the times that might lead to more aggressive offers (meaning lower priced offers on your property). 

Don’t say no to a buyer viewing

Take viewings at any time. Buyers can sometimes request a viewing at short notice. Unless you have a really good reason for saying ‘no’, do not! Be prepared to allow them to come at any reasonable time and do not miss an opportunity. 

Finances in order

Get your finances sorted from the outset and be clear on how much you can afford to take on your existing home and how much you can spend on your next property. Remember – your property and by implication your buyer will not pay for “your property dreams” or even bankroll your retirement or upscaling. Your property is only worth what the market is prepared to pay for it.

Compare your home price

Your home is competing with other homes and there are normally more buyers than sellers in the market. Always ensure that your home offers the best value for money – relative to all the other similar priced and size homes in the same area / suburb. Do your research online and try to visit show houses before and during your property’s marketing period. Be prepared to compete with the best value for money comparative properties for sale – or be prepared to wait for them to sell first before your property will receive offers.

Removal Companies

Book your removal company well in advance, particularly if you intend moving on the first or last day of the month, or over a weekend or public holiday. Moving costs are generally more expensive at such times and better deals can be negotiated when you move other than on the first or last day of the month.

Timing your move

Legally speaking the seller should be out of the property by midnight of the day preceding the day that vacant occupation is given to the purchaser in terms of the contract i.e. if occupation is given on the 10th of the month, the seller needs to be out of the property by midnight of the 9th. We suggest that the seller and purchaser liaise in order to co-ordinate their respective moves. Alternatively the agreement of sale should provide that occupation be given at 12 noon on the day of the move.

Municipale service

The seller should arrange with the municipality for the water meter (and electricity, if applicable) to be read on the day before moving out. This will hopefully ensure a more accurate reconciliation of the account by the municipality, which is automatically performed by the municipality after transfer.

Bond notice

Most banks impose a 90 day early termination penalty, which means that in order to AVOID any penalty charges, notice to cancel an existing bond over the property being sold, must be given to the bank 90 days prior to the actual transfer of the property.